Won’t Pop Off Bamboo Flex Top King California King Fitted Sheet PillowCase Brown


Won't Pop Off Bamboo Flex Top King California King Fitted Sheet PillowCase Brown
Won't Pop Off Bamboo Flex Top King California King Fitted Sheet PillowCase Brown

Won't Pop Off Bamboo Flex Top King California King Fitted Sheet PillowCase Brown
KING & CALIFORNIA KING. Fabric: Bamboo Microfiber High Quality blend and weave to make a soft, cozy. Bamboo Blend variety of colors. Bamboo Blend Fabric is. Hypoallergenic-Blocks Out Dust Mites. Colors Won’t Fade. Wash in Cold or Warm Water, NOT HOT. Dry in Warm Dryer, NOT HOT. MADE IN THE USA. HAND CRAFTED SHEETS TO ORDER. EMPLOYING MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY TO BUILD A STRONGER AMERICA! 10-15 inch Thick Mattress. If less or more than 10-5 inches thick, send the height of your mattress with your order for a best fit sheet! HOW TO PUT OUR SHEETS. Put one head of sheet down over head of mattress. Repeat with second head. With heads still up, put the foot of the sheet on foot end of mattress. Lower the heads and watch the bed finish making itself! Remove sheet from head of one mattress. With heads still up, remove sheet from foot. EASY ON, EASY OFF, BUT WON’T POP OFF!!!! For standard 80 inch long King mattress with a SPLIT TOP ONLY select. KING FLEX TOP FITTED ONLY. Specialized Fitted Sheet only (no pillow cases, no top sheet). KING FLEX TOP FITTED +2 Pillow Cases. Specialized Fitted Sheet with 2 King Pillow Cases! For an 84 inch long Cal King mattress with a SPLIT TOP ONLY select any CAL KING. FLEX TOP FITTED ONLY. FLEX TOP FITTED +2 Pillow Cases. IF YOU NEED A. Type the following into. WON’T POP OFF SPLIT KING. WON’T POP OFF CAL SPLIT KING. WON’T POP OFF KING. WON’T POP OFF CAL KING. WON’T POP OFF QUEEN. WON’T POP OFF FULL. WON’T POP OFF TWIN. WON’T POP OFF COLLEGE. WON’T POP OFF SEMI TRUCK. WON’T POP OFF HOSPITAL. WON’T POP OFF (the size you need). FABRIC MAY ARRIVE STIFF – INDUSTRIAL SIZING (STARCH). WASH SHEETS IN COLD WATER TO REMOVE SIZING, DRY WARM (NOT HOT) DRYER. BRING LIFE BACK TO FIBERS WITH FABRIC SOFTENER. SHEETS IN THIS LISTING ARE A. BAMBOO MICROFIBER BLEND HIGH QUALITY WEAVE TO ENSURE SOFTNESS, LONG LASTING, WON’T FADE, WON’T SHRINK. WE ALSO HAVE A POLLY/COTTON BLEND FABRIC. Light Weight 80/20 Poly/Cotton Blend (less wrinkly than cotton). Only the color is listed (fabric content not specified in drop down selection). OTHER FABRICS WE HAVE IN OTHER LISTINGS. Won’t Pop Off 100% Cotton. 100% cotton is a medium weight fabric. A soft, cozy cotton NOT a cold slick cotton. 100% COTTON LISTED AS. Only comes in cream and white. If it does not say 100% Cotton, then it is Poly/Cotton blend. COTTON is NOT PreShrunk. Wash in cold water, Dry in warm (NOT hot) dryer. Laundering will shrink it 5 inches in length, 2 inches in width. Prior to washing, Cotton sheets are too large for a good fit – MUST WASH before using. SATIN – CHARMEUSE SATIN. EASE OF MOVEMENT LINE for those with Parkinson’s Disease, Muscle Weakness, Elderly who require help moving in bed. A variety of colors. Won’t Pop Off. MATTRESS POCKETT is a specially designed fitted. With stretchy pockets at the head and at the foot. The stretchy pockets stretch and grow to fit 10″-15″ high mattresses. Goes on easy and removes easy but Won’t Pop-Off! Major problems with sheets that always pop-off can be blamed on. MITERED CORNER – cuts off the “dog-ear” corner and finishes it off with a straight, vertical stitch. The length of the MITER must match the height of the mattress exact! OR the fitted sheet won’t fit right. MATTRESS POCKETT solves this problem. As you can see in the pictures, WE DO NOT MITER the corners! The fitted sheet has dog-ears at the head and foot of the mattress, simply push the dog-ear inside of itself just as you would push in a jean pocket that gets pulled out. Our unique, stretchy pocket design allows our sheets to fit 10-15 inches high! My daughter wanted to duct tape her sheet to her mattress. I solved her problem with a new SUCCESSFUL sheet design. Sewed out of our house for one year. We solved the age ole problem. Fitted Sheets that Really Don’t Fit! We had a Vision! I still teach AND run the sheet company! Members of the community sew and cut while I teach school. I take orders, answer emails & package evenings & weekend so emailed answers will most likely arrive in the evening hours! We have a successful and growing company! SO GLAD YOU FOUND US! GLAD YOU ARE NOW A PART OF IT! WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT. GUARANTEES OUR SHEETS WON’T POP OFF! All sheets are made to order. CUSTOM REQUESTS = LITTLE TO NO EXTRA COST! Queen pillow cases with King sheets – No extra cost! No more putting sheets back onto the mattress every morning! No more waking up ON THE MATTRESS with no sheet in sight! If you are dead-set on super high thread count, super deluxe, exquisite, polished quality, high-dollar-fabric sheets, THESE ARE NOT YOUR SHEETS! We make sheets using Poly/Cotton Blend which will NEVER feel like Egyptian cotton or Micro Fiber fabric! It’s our most popular fabric & comes in a variety of colors, light-weight, less wrinkly than cotton. We make sheets using 100% cozy, soft cotton NOT great grandmother cold slick sateen cotton sheets. Our sheets are priced right for the fabric. Our low cost sheets WAY OUT PERFORM high dollar Name Brand sheets! They are REVOLUTIONARY Sheets! We are the ONLY company who makes them! AND the ONLY Company who can TRULY GUARANTEE OUR SHEETS WON’T POP OFF!! NO MORE ELASTIC SUSPENDERS. NO MORE PINS, CLIPS OR CLAMPS. We have very few customers who complain about pilling and we have MANY RETURNING CUSTOMERS AND MANY REFERRED CUSTOMERS. Pilling: Little bumps that forms on fabric. Pilling is a phenomenon that cannot really be explained and does not occur with every person! Pilling can be caused by chemicals in municipal water, hardness of water, softness of water, what is used to soften the water, laundry soap brand, the amount of laundry soap the industry recommends half the amount of laundry detergent when washing bed sheets! We have very few customers who complain about pilling and we have MANY HAPPYM, RETURNING CUSTOMERS AND MANY REFERRED CUSTOMERS. Polyester seems to be the culprit. If you have restless leg, move a lot, like to use lots of laundry soap, take lots of medication that may give your natural skin moisture an unnatural chemistry or have had problems with pilling with other brands before then you should consider the 100% Cotton Sheets. We are not affiliated with Tempur-Pedic® or Dan-Foam A/S Corp. We do not sell or endorse Tempur-Pedic® brand products. The use of the brand name Tempur-Pedic®, on this site, is strictly for the general public’s interchangeable name recognition of Tempur-Pedic®, foam and memory foam mattresses. D/b/a Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds. We are not affiliated with Craftmatic®, Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds or Adjustable Bed Enterprises, Inc. We do not sell or endorse Craftmatic® brand products. The use of the brand name Craftmatic®, on this site, is strictly for the general public’s interchangeable name recognition of Craftmatic®, adjustable and split adjustable beds. MATTRESS POCKETT is not intended for use with infants or toddlers. MATTRESS POCKETT is not made to fit cradle mattresses, crib mattresses nor toddler beds. MATTRESS POCKETT is made for children, teens and adults who can safely sleep in a Twin, Full or Queen bed. THANK YOU AND SINCERELY, Gina, Owne. Sincerely, Gina – Owner. (WORD LIST: DEEP POCKET, MATTRESS, MATTRESS POCKET, POCKET, POCKETS, FITTED SHEET, FITTED SHEETS, BED SHEET, BED SHEETS, SHEET SET, ADJUSTABLE BED SHEETS, COVER SHEET, PILLOW CASE, TWIN, FULL, QUEEN, KING, HOME, HOME MATTRESS, HOME BED, BEDROOM, PILLOW TOP, DEEP POCKET SHEETS, DEEP POCKET SHEET, DEEP POCKET, DEEP SIDE, DEEP SIDED, DEEP SIDES, MEMORY FOAM, SLEEP NUMBER, TEMPUR-PEDIC, SLEEP, WON’T POP OFF, POP OFF, POP-OFF, HIDE-A-BED, SOFABED, SOFA BED). This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Bedding\Sheets”. The seller is “pockets-wontpopoff” and is located in this country: US. 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  • Bed Size: Flex Top King Fitted +2 Pillow Cases
  • Color: Purple Maroon
  • Features: Cozy, Warm in Winter, Breathable, Cooling, Deep Fitted, Machine Washable, Tumble Dry
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • MPN: 2019customflex
  • Department: Adults, Teens
  • Care Instructions: Wash Separately, Cold, Warm Water, Dry Warm Dyer
  • Item Width: 36, 36, 72, 38, 38, 76
  • Pattern: Solid Color
  • Modified Item: No
  • Bundle Description: If you have a custom request email us. If you want different size or quantity of pillow cases email us. If you mattress is not 10-15 inches high email us for a best fit.
  • Item Length: 80, 84 inches
  • Number of Items in Set: One-Piece, Three-Piece
  • Size: King, California King
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Closure Type: Stretchy Pockets at Foot and Head = Won’t Pop Off
  • Model: Flex Top King, Flex Top California King
  • Product Line: Pockets
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Character: Solid Colors
  • Options: Olive Green, Brown, White, Black, Navy Blue
  • Brand: Won’t Pop Off
  • Thread Count: 401-600
  • Style: Deep Pocket
  • Set Includes: Fitted Sheet Won’t Pop Off
  • Room: Bedroom
  • Personalized: No
  • Theme: Solid Colored Fabric, Vairety of Colors
  • Character Family: Email-MORE COLORS:Green Reds Gray Tan Cream White
  • Type: Fitted Sheet

Won't Pop Off Bamboo Flex Top King California King Fitted Sheet PillowCase Brown